87 Major League Baseball Draft Picks ~ Over 460 players in college the past 9 years


Baseball U was established in the winter of 2006. John Wells is the National Director of Baseball U that is based in Central New Jersey located on the Jersey Shore.

The program started with one team has now expanded to 5 organizations in four states. Programs can now be found in Fairfield, CT, Scranton, PA, Syracuse, NY, North NJ  and where it all began at the Jersey Shore in New Jersey.

In the past 9 years the organization has helped over 468 players move on to college and it has also had 87 Alumni selected in the Major League Draft including 8 first round selections with the team having a 1st round selected in the past 5 MLB Drafts from 2016-2012 and 7 1st round selections in the past 5 years.

The program has a strong relationship with the colleges nationwide. While Baseball U has players playing at every level the relationship between the organization and the SEC and ACC conference is very strong with 29 players moving on to play in both of those conferences the past 3 years. If you are considered an “elite” player this would be a good start to look into your college future. If you are a good player looking to take your game to the next level than we can help you as well. Take a look at our list of players and where they have went. Click Here

No other program north of Virginia has placed more players into Division 1 schools or had more players selected in the Major League Draft.

At Baseball U a player is developed from the ground up and we guarantee he will leave a more educated player in the game of baseball. We will never make a promise that we can get your son into a certain school. If we did that we would be lying to the player and family. Only the player himself can do this between his grades and his performance on the field. We only promise to develop and educate the player and the rest is up to them. We will expose them to the schools but their performance on the field is what will ultimately earn them their place in college.

The program has an excellent schedule for those players that are in the recruiting stages of the process.

We feel if we start at younger ages and concentrate on proper mechanics it will be easier for them to develop as they mature and become stronger.

Baseball U is 6 time PG Northeast WWBA and BCS Champions. Most recently Baseball U Prospects finished the highest out of any northeast team at the Perfect Game WWBA National Championships with a 9th place finish. This made the second time in a row (2015/2016) that the team finished in the top 16 in the country. Baseball U's highest finishes were 3rd place (2011) and 5th place (2010).

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