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Summer Challenge At UNC June 26-29 (2014) Sponsored by Tucci Lumber

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Baseball U Summer Challenge @ UNC Sponsored by TUCCI LUMBER

June 26-30

The most competitive event of the summer and where every game is a playoff game.

Teams Attending:

 Baseball U, Evoshield Canes, Richmond Braves, Orioles Scout, On Deck O's, Upstate Mavericks, Virginia Cardinals, South Charlotte Panthers


2014 Schedule (All Games Played at Boshamer Stadium)


Thursday 26-Jun          
  6:00PM On Deck O's   vs   Baseball U Prospects
  8:15PM Evoshield Canes   vs   Virginia Cardinals
Friday 27-Jun          
  9:00AM Richmond Braves   vs   Upstate Mavs
  11:30AM Virginia Cardinals   vs   Orioles Scout
  2:00PM Evoshield Canes   vs   South Charlotte Panthers
  4:30PM Baseball U Prospects   vs   Upstate Mavs
  7:00PM On Deck O's   vs   Richmond Braves
Saturday 28-Jun          
  9:00AM Orioles Scout   vs   South Charlotte Panthers
  11:30AM Upstate Mavs   vs   On Deck O's
  2:00PM Orioles Scout   vs   Evoshield Canes
  4:30PM Richmond Braves   vs   Baseball U Prospects
  7:00PM South Charlotte Panthers   vs   Virginia Cardinals
Sunday 29-Jun          
  8:30AM 2 Seed   vs   2 Seed
  11:00AM 1 Seed   vs   1 Seed
  1:15PM 3 Seed   vs   3 Seed
  3:30PM 4 Seed   vs   4 Seed