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Nine Alum Selected in MLB Draft


Nine former Baseball U players were selected in the 2017 Major League Baseball Draft.

With these nine players selected Baseball U has now had a total of 96 players selected in the organizations first 11 MLB Drafts.

In the past 6 MLB Drafts Baseball U has had one of their former players selected in the first round and a total of 8 players have been taken in the first round

in those 6 MLB Drafts.

To see so many players move on and live their dream is exactly the reason why Baseball U was started. So many people play a part in these players success

from their Tee-Ball coach all the way up and let's not forget mom, dad, grandma and grandpa who got this all started. It takes a huge sacrafice for a family to

bring them to this point in their lives. It is a huge commitment and we could not be happier for all of them.


Here is a full list of this years MLB picks as well as our past MLB Draft History.

2017 Draft Picks    
Player Team Round
Pavin Smith Arizona Diamondbacks 1
Kevin Smith Toronto Blue Jays 4
Rob Calabrese SF Giants 10
Evy Ruibal LA Dodgers 16
Matt Ruppenthal Houston Astros 17
Shane McCarthy St. Louis Cardinals 18
Joey Benitez Chicago White Sox 22
Johnny Adams Seattle Mariners 22
Harry Rutkowski Cincinnati Reds 28
2016 Draft Picks    
Player Team Round
Alex Kirilloff Minnesota Twins 1
Justin Dunn NY Mets 1
Joey Rose Arizona Diamondbacks 5
AJ Bogucki Washington Nationals 8
Max Kranick Pittsburgh Pirates 11
Jesse Adams Cincinnati Reds 14
Matthew Vogel Tampa Bay Rays 25
Connor Myers Chicago Cubs 27
Brandon Martorano Arizona Diamondbacks 30
Ben Ruta Los Angeles of Aneheim Angels 30
Robbie Peto NY Yankees 30
Jeff Belge Boston Red Sox 32
Luca Dalatri Colorodo Rockies 40
2015 Draft Picks    
Player Team Round
Chris Shaw SF Giants 1
Rhett Wiseman Washington Nationals 3
Ryan McKenna Baltimore Orioles 4
Joe McCarthy Tampa Bay Rays 5
George Iskendarian Milwaulke Brewers 7
Vinny Siena NY Mets 14
Nolan Long LA Dodgers 16
Matt Pirro Washington Nationals 21
Jake McCarthy Pittsburgh Pirates 23
Ben Pelletier Philadelphia Phillies 34
2014 Draft Picks    
Player Team Round
Mike Papi Cleveland Indians 1
JB Kole Milwaukee Brewers 8
Marvin Gorgas Seattle Mariners 13
Joe Harvey NY Yankees 19
Scott De Jong LA Dodgers 32
George Iskenderian St Louis Cardinals 33
Kyle Dunster NY Mets 38
Nick Dignacco Texas Rangers 40
2013 Draft Picks    
Player Team Round
Colin Moran Miami Marlins 1
David Palladino NY Yankees 5
Brian Gilbert Minnestoa Twins 7
Neil Kozikowski Pittsburgh Pirates 8
Dylan Manwaring Atlanta Braves 9
Fabian Roman Cinncinnati Reds 16
Tommy Burns Seattle Mariners 22
Javier Reynoso Kansas City Royals 23
AJ Bogucki Minnestoa Twins 31
Matthew Vogel Arizona Diamondbacks 36
Justin Dunn Los Angeles Dodgers 37
Pete Kelich San Diego Padres 38
Manny Cruz Cinncinnati Reds 39
2012 Draft Picks    
Player Team Round
Pat Light Boston Red Sox 1
Keon Barnum Chicago White Sox 1
Andrew Velazquez Arizona Diamondbacks 7
Nelson Rodriguez Cleveland Indians 15
Ryan Harvey Texas Rangers 18
Rhett Wiseman Chicago Cubs 25
Chris Shaw NY Mets 26
Austin Barr NY Mets 29
Richard Palase Seattle Mariners 32
Tommy Burns Milwaulke Brewers 34
Nolan Long San Francisco Giants 38
2011 Draft Picks    
Player Team Round
Nick Ahmed Atlanta Braves 2
Scott McGough LA Dodgers 5
Tom LaStella Atlanta Braves 8
David Palladino LA Dodgers 13
Jeffrey Diehl NY Mets 23
Keith Bilodeau SF Giants 24
Kenneth Ferrer Washington Nationals 28
Mike Papi Aneheim Angels 30
John Brebbia NY Yankees 30
Mike Dennhardt Cincinnati Reds 32
Javier Reynoso Chicago White Sox 39
Jordan Gross Boston Red Sox 40
2010 Draft Picks    
Player Team Round
Tyler Vail Oakland A's 5
Sean Nolin Toronto Blue Jays 6
Robert Aviles Cleveland Indians 7
JC Menna Oakland A's 14
Kenneth Ferrer Cleveland Indians 35
2009 Draft Picks    
Player Team Round
Steven Matz NY Mets 1
Mitch Clarke Cincinnati Reds 19
Joe Talerico NY Yankees 21
Pat Light Minnesota Twins 28
Camden Maron NY Mets 34
Fabian Roman KC Royals 36
Chris Zagyi Chicago White Sox 42
Sean Nolin Seattle Mariners 48
2008 Draft Picks    
Player Team Round
Mike Dennhardt Seattle Mariners 17
Keith Landers Baltimore Orioles 18
Scott McGough Pittsburgh Pirates 46
Richard O'Donald Seattle Mariners 47
Sean Nolin Milwaulke Brewers 50
2007 Draft Picks    
Player Team Round
Sean Giblin Pittsburgh Pirates 10
Kyle Slate Philadelphia Phillies 37
JC Menna Pittsburgh Pirates 39